Asking for help

One thing I have come to discover is the need to reach out and different approaches to how we can help people. There are some that may be too proud to ask for assistace. They watch out for the people in their lives and think it is on them to take care of everything and that asking for help is a form of weakness. They think that they need to be strong for the family while inside they are fighting for that strength.

I sat down with one of those types of residents one day and explained to him that we weren’t just in the business of handouts. We wanted to see our residents transition into the recovery phase and we provide resources that they needed to act on and earn themselves. It isn’t a hand out, it was going to hard, and that his family would see him taking the initiative to do right by them.

It is imperative that everyone is treated like an individual. Everyone has their own way of dealing and recovering from a disaster. No two cases are the same and what works for one, doesn’t necisarily work for all. Our shelters are treated as a temporary home. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe and run our shelters accordingly.

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